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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The Registered Office of the Company will be situated in the state of Bihar.

The Objects for which the Company is established are: -

1. To establish and run in any part of India and/or elsewhere general, scientific, commercial, engineering, or any other type of education be imparted to the students orally or through post, on such terms and conditions as may be laid down by the company from time to time and to acquire, establish, promote and run or otherwise manage computer centers and other educational institutions in India and to carry on the business of establishing, distributing Franchisee, running and managing institutions, Schools and academics, education in computer technology.

2. To promote, encourage, establish, develop, maintain, organize, undertake, manage, operate, conduct and to run in India or abroad learning & teaching solutions through contact classes, distance learning programs, online learning, learning recourse materials developments in the various fields like kid education, school education, vocational training, IIT-JEE, medical entrance test, banking, defense , dairy managements, agro base training, health education & awareness , English or others international languages and others different competitive exams, computer training centers (Software & Hardware), & internship related to IT industry, data processing centers, call centers, kiosks, computer coaching classes, computer consultancy business, software consultancy and other allied activities for all sorts of services relating to computer, its maintenance, repairs, programmes & operations, for industrial, commercial, domestic, public utility, defence, government, and other general customers or sections of society and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of the foregoing objects.

3. To carry on the business of software development and to undertake IT enabled services like call centre management, medical and legal transcription, data processing, warehousing and database management and designing and dealing computer software, and to import, export, sell, purchase or otherwise carry on the business of dealing in computer hardware, computer systems and assemble data processors, programmed designs, computerized telecommunication system and network, their components, spare parts, equipments and devices and to develop, provide, undertake, design, import, export, distribute, and deal in system and application software for microprocessor based information systems, offshore software development projects, internet service provider, value added products and solution in all areas of application including those in emerging educational fields and segments like Internet and Intranet website applications solutions, resource planning, e-commerce, other business and educational applications either for its own use for sale in India or for export outside India for the purpose to do system services hire developer, web designing, web hoisting, web based information systems, client server application, enterprises resource planning, network management and to establish and maintain portals, to commercialize internet applications, to develop consumer oriented electronic commerce, to create digital signatures & systems on demand, to develop education & digital copy rights, to provide multimedia & digital video broadband communication, to create domain names & all other allied services & activities used for the information technology business and for the purpose to act as representative, advisor, consultant, know-how provider, sponsor, franchiser, licenser, jobworker, and to do all other acts things necessary for the attainment of the foregoing objects.