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It has been long pending issue to streamline all the different types of indirect taxes and implement a â??single taxationâ?? system. This system is called as GST ( GST is the abbreviated form of Goods & Services Tax). The main expectation from this system is to abolish all indirect taxes and only GST would be levied. As the name suggests, the GST will be levied both on Goods and Services. GST was first introduced during 2007-08 budget session. On 17th December 2014, the current Union Cabinet ministry approved the proposal for introduction GST Constitutional Amendment Bill. On 19th of December 2014, the bill was presented on GST in Loksabha. The Bill will be tabled and taken up for discussion during the coming Budget session. The current central government is very determined to implement GST Constitutional Amendment Bill.

Codd produced 12rules as part of a personal campaign to prevent the vision of the original relational database from being diluted, as database vendors scrambled in the early 1980s to repackage existing products with a relational veneer. Rule 12 was particularly designed to counter such a positioning. Even if such repackaged non-relational products eventually gave way to SQL DBMSs, no popular relational DBMSs could be considered relational, be it by Codd's twelve rules or by the more formal definitions in his papers and books. Only less known DBMSs ?¢?? most of them restricted to academic usage ?¢?? strive to comply. The only commercial example, as of December 2010, is Dataphor. Some rules are deemed controversial, especially rule 3, because of debate on three-valued logic.

A Microprocessor, sometimes called a logic chip, is a computer processor on a microchip. It is Normally Designed on a Semi Conductor Chip like Silicon. It is also known as the processor of the Microcomputers.