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								Suraj Sinha,


The .NET is the technology from Microsoft, on which all other Microsoft technologies will be depending on in future. It is a major technology change, introduced by Microsoft, to catch the market from the SUN's Java. Few years back, Microsoft had only VC++ and VB to compete with Java, but Java was catching the market very fast. With the world depending more and more on the Internet/ Web and java related tools becoming the best choice for the web applications, Microsoft seemed to be loosing the battle. Thousands of programmers moved to java from VC++ and VB. To recover the .market, .Microsoft announced .NET. The .NET platform is a set of technologies. Microsoft .NET platform simplify software development (Windows or WEB) by building applications of XML Web services. The.NET platform consists of the following core technologies: â?¢ The .NET Framework â?¢ The .NET Enterprise Servers â?¢ Building block services â?¢ Visual Studio .NET

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